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How taking annual leave improves resilience and work performance

Earlier this year one of my colleagues honoured me for “not giving a f*ck about the business” after I took 5 days off for annual leave. I was shocked he thought I shouldn’t have completely disconnected from work during holiday/vacation time. Having brought myself back from the brink of burnout with another holiday last week I decided to dig into how time away from work actually bolsters work performance.

Why allowing, not suppressing, your feminine energy is the way to get ahead at work.

Have you ever thought of feminine qualities as weak and masculine qualities as strong? Have you ever judged someone for expressing their feminine side at work or cringed on their behalf believing they wouldn’t be taken seriously? Hands up if you’re a woman who has deliberately suppressed your innate feminine qualities to get ahead (or just survive) in the workplace. Maybe you’d never dream of admitting to feeling horrendous once a month or give that as the honest reason for taking time off when the pain is overwhelming?